The Lobo Academy will not be available during Summer 2024 because it is undergoing some upgrades and enhancements. While we won’t be hosting the program this summer, we can’t wait to share all the new and exciting changes with you next year. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. Stay tuned for updates, and have a fantastic summer.

 What is Lobo Academy?

A summer bridge program to help students get a jump start to college! This is a fast-paced and dynamic summer bridge program that helps newly admitted college students make that transition to college life. While in Lobo Academy, students will work toward improving their placement levels in Math and English while also gaining a college credit by enrolling in a 3 credit class called FYEX 1110. We work with students to build up their skills for college success and provide knowledge about campus resources while helping them feel at home in our TRIO/ Student Support Services program on the 榴梿视频allup campus.


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